Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thought I'd Seen It All!

But I know I haven't and I'm usually not surprised at the unusual things I discover! Today's unique item has to be one of the all-time surprises by my standards!

There was a flier for a gun shop in our little weekly newspaper that brings the local grocery add and school news types of articles. In looking through the gun ad with it's food processing section, etc, I ran across something NEW to me!

Have you seen the pink camo lingerie? I've seen the ad and now I'd like to see the "real thing" just because I want to! No, I'll not buy any. After all, at 60 and a bit over weight, it just isn't "me"! That being, it doesn't mean I can't be interested in seeing the real thing.

The store didn't have it on their website so I had to go google surfing and used "pink+camo+lingerie" (without the "") and instantly came up with links with pics. You can even buy it on eBay! It's titled "Wilderness Dreams". Are you going to go look? I don't blame you if you do. And don't forget to check out the bikinis too!

Snapping out of my "dreams", I'm back to looking at the sale ad's dehydrators, other clothing, toys, etc. I'm surprised at the extent of their fare they are hoping to sell.

I can only dream of what will be my next thought-I'd-seen-it-all item!

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