Thursday, December 30, 2010

Question From the Barn!

Macey here, just hanging out.
I need to ask you a question!

Does this chicken nest make my butt look fat?


  1. Ohhhh, my God!!! Is this a "sense of creativity" God gave animals? What answers have the hens offered?

    Absolutely. Hilarious!!

  2. Ha!

    That's either a very tiny goat or you have some BIG chickens!

  3. Macey is 75% Boer x 25% Alpine and a hefty girl! That's an old stainless, commercial dishwasher that hubby drug home YEARS ago and never made a smoker out of. I sometimes see 2 or 3 hens in there at a time as long as none are the fiesty aracaunas. I put a few pieces of wood in that sit on some edges and filled it with shavings. The hens love it. I guess Macey thinks it's a good place to gestate and chew her cud. I think the hens just wish she'd take a hike or at least wait until after evening chores are done!

    I thought you all might enjoy the pics. She sure gave me a good laugh and I did tell her she really needs to shed a few pounds from the looks of it. Silly goats!