Thursday, December 2, 2010


I have taken a liking to glass pitchers with all the fresh milk and cream I have.

It use to all be plastic and Tupperware pitchers that were non-breakable when the girls were growing up. I've out grown those! I LIKE glass pitchers and especially those that appear to be an old, useful style.

I think I posted about a blue, "RealMilk" labeled pitcher I have some time ago. I should look back and see! I got it and a couple other smaller ones to use with the cream separator. They sure are handy! I use a plastic bowl cover on them when I have milk in them. That usually happens when I have a gallon jar that is no longer full and is taking up too much space.

Now I found a pair of really neat pitchers!

These are, IMHO, really neat. They are a rounded square with a good pour spout. The bottom of the handle isn't attached to the pitcher making it easy to have hold of them and be able to shift my fingers for stability and control during moving or pouring.

Have you ever tried to get good pics of a clear glass pitcher? It's not easy! I tried the backs of a couple recipe books and without and neither shows them off well. I'm not sure what is the best way to take photos of clear glass. I guess I need to study someone else's photos that look nice! Maybe I just need them full of milk and cream!
I have a couple that are different shapes that I also found recently and will need to take some pics of those too. I've also learned from them that they don't all pour cleanly and neatly! I have a couple that I'm putting in my boxes for selling at a garage sale. I like them, but I want useable ones that make life more simple and not add to a job-at-hand.
I wonder what neat thing I'll find next?


  1. Great pitchers! And...thank you for your visit to my mid-century recipe blog! All fun memories!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you, Coralie! You're welcome for my visiting your blog. That's my kind of cooking and eating enjoyment!

    Have a good weekend!