Monday, December 27, 2010

Fair Trade?

I think so! They think so!

I took a pan with some scones and biscuits that flopped out to the chickens and turkeys at chore time today. They were thrilled with the broken bits and grabbed one and then mass running ensued while they had a beak full but not willing to let someone else with a beak full snag their chunk! The turkeys didn't run around with their prize bit but rather stood watching the chickens and wondering what the frenzied running was about and where the problem was. Tom had to swallow his so he could strut about and gobble his alarm that there was a problem. The 2 turkey hens watched but made sure to be where the food was in case it was safe to resume eating. Keet, the guinea, had to sound the alarm until she decided she should join the rest of the gang and see what their problem was.

The goats stood alertly, but kept right on munching in the hay I'd just dispensed. They couldn't figure out the frenzied behavior either.

Me? I filled the foil pan and happily came back to the house as chores were done. I think it was a fair trade!
Being we agreed, so it's got to be fair, right?

I do wish who ever has those dirty feet could wipe them outside the nests or else lay those really dark eggs so the dirt doesn't show so easily!


  1. Looks like a mutually beneficial arrangement to me!


  2. Considering all the work behind making those baked goodies... I dunno. LOL But the least those huzzies could do is EACH ONE of 'em leave you an egg! Got Free-loaders? Ha!

  3. I do think so! I can't believe these young girls are so gung ho on laying at this time of the year! What good little pullets they are!