Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Can't Believe It!


I got 6 eggs today! The young pullets aren't giving up even though we're at the darkest time of the year and with it being only 4*F this am! I can only guess that they are enjoying laying and my telling them what wonderful girls they are! Only 2 of them were froze so those will go on the cat and dog food.

This pic is of some eggs from the other day. It was icy out and I dropped one and cracked a couple of these. Barney, the barn cat, was happy to help me with the dropped egg of course. I have 2 pullets giving me the darker eggs.

Now these girls have me wondering if they'll quit laying for the summer or if they are going to be laying "gangbusters" then!

What nice pullets and eggs they are!

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