Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tip of the Day

I use my onion peels, stems, veggie stems, celery ends, etc to make veggie broth. I have a dedicated pan with lid that I use and boil them up good and waalaa! Veggie broth for cooking instead of buying the boxed stuff. I strain it and can keep it in the refrigerator for a couple days if I don't have an immediate use for it. I can also stick the pot in the frig with the fresh peels and then make the broth in a day or two as I have time and more bits and pieces to "discard". I use a brush to clean off questionable pieces and if they don't brush off I either wash them or toss them. Anything too deteriorated is tossed and not used.

It's a basically free benefit as I throw this stuff in the compost anyway. So now it gives me an extra bonus before it goes there. The cartons of broth are a couple dollars so I'm always happy to get it free. Mine is darker and has more onion to it, but I could make it with less onion if desired. It's a rich flavored broth too.

If you're leary of what to use it for in the beginning, try adding it to a roast instead of water, soup, or such where it will mingle well and you know you'll be pleased with the results!

Try it, you may also discover a new money saving trick too!

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