Friday, December 17, 2010

Seed Catalogs

I got my first seed catalog for the 2011 gardening year! It's the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Catalog which came first again this year.

I LOVE getting the seed catalogs and spend hours exploring them from cover to cover, over and over. I see so many seeds I MUST have and so many I would LOVE to have but can't afford "this year". Then there are all those which I wouldn't buy but find interesting to read about and see the pic.

Why is it we are so enthralled with these catalogs? Is it because it's a "breath of Spring to come", or a chance to get out of some housework, chore we should get done and haven't, or just because it's fun to dream and to plan our garden and food for the next year?
I think it's all of those for me. Now, if the rest of the catalogs would please hurry up and get here..... I'm so ready for them!

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